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Success, and Irrational exuberance

A while ago I have started this Tumblr page just by coincidence. My intention was far from posting beautiful pictures of the material assets which are part of this wonderful world. There isn’t a single human being that wouldn’t love to live the life where indulgence is a casual way of living, instead of a blessing.

The question that has come to my mind frequently, does all of this really make you a happier person? Oh surely it does to a certain extent, but there are limitations. Many people seek happiness in drinking, drugs, sex, criminal activities or whatsoever. One can assume all of that might affect you in the short term, without arguing the negative impacts on the longer term. 

For me personally I’m only aspiring to develop myself  intellectually as much as possible, by gaining a lot of international exposure and learning about the variety in different cultures all over the world. Alongside that graduating is a must (I’m currently a post-graduate student). Unfortunattely many people lack the long-term perspective of life. I am very blessed to know I belong to the top 0,05% of the world population, despite that even I face hardship. 

Now I’m almost finished my masters, another chapter on a whole other level is about to start. If I look back I see my old classmates or people I grew up with in the neighbourhood waste their lives by blowing up any opportunity that comes, instead of grasping it with both hands. Even myself feel sometimes I messed it up (I wasn’t always the brightest kid in class), though it’s not a reason to give up.

The main issue here is people in general only focus on what’s going on right now. Short-term opportunistic behavior screws up your future, no doubt about it. It starts with the little things like skipping class, drinking, partying too much. Just look at the current macroeconomic and geopolitical environment; world leaders have been behaving opportunistically for years and now the future generations will have to pay up for it. 

Irrational exuberance is the way of the devil to deceive you and waste your future; don’t go down that path and think strategically. Every decision you make now defines your future. Stop hoping and start doing, work hard and forget about all the materialistic things. If you work hard enough then you’re bound to deserve it. 

- Luxuryandlife from Amsterdam

p.s hope you enjoyed reading my 1st opinion blog

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